By not just remaining fully alert to market changes but by actively responding to them as well, Stedec NV has become one of Flanders’ primary structural engineering consultants. Founded in 1985 by ir.-arch. Koenraad Coelus and recently acquired by VK Engineering, Stedec currently employs ten engineers and draftsmen in Roeselare (Belgium).

"In addition to various projects in Poland, France, England, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, our activities are mainly focused on the Flanders region and Brussels," says Koen Coelus. "Being a structural engineering firm, we work closely with our clients, architects, and contractors to identify the optimal and most economical building structure for every project we are involved in. And although we have an extensive project portfolio, our technical director Maarten Vervaet and I would like to highlight a couple of extraordinary high-rise buildings we have been working on. Every one of them is a great example of how 3D structural analysis helped us achieve some unique structural challenges."

O'Sea, Ostende

“The O'Sea project includes a series of lower buildings, but the real eye-catcher is the 16-story high residential tower,” Koen Coelus continues. “The floor plan of this tower is simple enough: a rectangle of 17 by 25 meters. What makes the building stand out is that over four successive floor levels the floor plan is revolved over more than 2.5° with respect to one of the corners, giving the tower building its characteristic distorted look. Unsurprisingly, managing torsional loads is the most important structural challenge for this building."


K-Tower, Courtrai

According to Koen Coelus, every high-rise building has its complexity. "Take the K-Tower in Courtrai, a design by Samyn and Partners, and built by a temporary association of Maes NV and Van Roey NV. It is a beautiful example of a contemporary residential tower and offers an exclusive penthouse and 64 luxurious apartments spread over 19 floors. The alternation of open and closed parts in the facade gives the building a dynamic character. On the other hand, this kind of design did pose quite some structural challenges.


Baelskaai 12, Ostend

The iconic Baelskaai 12 residential tower in Ostend is the first realization within Bouwgroep Versluys’ and CFE’s New Waterfront City housing project. The building is a design of CONIX RDBM Architects and has been built by MBG. New Waterfront City follows the trend seen in many European cities to transform old ports into trendy residential and working areas.