Our modular product concept enables you to optimally fit our products to your application needs. You pay only for what you really need - and you leave open all options to upgrade in future to a higher level of functionality. At BuildSoft, we give you a free choice to select the investment model that you consider to be most convenient.


When purchasing a BuildSoft product, you can further augment the value of your investment through a maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts entitle you - for the complete duration of the contract - to make use of following services:

  • Product support: a professional team will support you in the application of BuildSoft products and will answer any questions that you might have
  • Product updates: you will have free access to updates for your licensed BuildSoft products, up to the most recent version available
  • Multicopy discount: discount on purchasing extra licences of the same product


A subscription of our products entitles you to a license that is limited only in time - not in functionality. Subscription contracts will automatically entitle you to benefit from product support and product updates for the complete duration of your contract.


A lease contract provides access to a purchased license through monthly payments through an uninterrupted period of 24 months, after initialization of the contract through the payment of an initial fee. Lease includes licensing, customer support & product updates during the entire term in which the recurring monthly fee is paid.