Since January 2021, BuildSoft is owned by StruSoft, the provider of software products to the global building and construction industry. The partnership enables an acceleration in the further development of both BuildSoft and StruSoft. By joining forces and combining our product offering and geographic coverage, we help structural engineers around the world increase productivity and deliver fast and accurate calculations.

StruSoft, more than 20.000 users

About StruSoft Group

StruSoft is a highly specialized structural analysis & design software company, with a product suite crafted for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms, and consulting companies. In addition, StruSoft is known for its high-quality, innovative and user-friendly interface necessary for handling complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges.

  • 3D modeling
  • Structural design
  • Architectural analysis and design
  • Structural engineering
  • Precast concrete design
  • 3D detailing and assembly
StruSoft, leading engineering software provider for over 35 years

StruSoft Products

StruSoft’s software suite comprises several software products, built in close cooperation with their users. StruSoft has a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design, and more than 35 years of industry knowledge and experience.

About BuildSoft

Since 1989, BuildSoft develops fast user-friendly software solutions for structural analysis of reinforced concrete, steel, and timber structures. BuildSoft distinguishes itself from the broader market alternatives by offering simplicity and boosting performance through its products: Diamonds, PowerConnect, BIM Expert, ConCrete and 1•2•Build. Moreover, BuildSoft is a reseller of FEM-Design, a StruSoft advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, and timber structures. Following the Eurocodes and American standards, BuildSoft’s software is used by structural engineers, architects, contractors and building companies in over 60 countries.

StruSoft, Structural Analysis & Design Software

StruSoft is committed to providing the best service and support in every local market it operates in.


+35 Years

+200 Employees

+20.000 Users