Software for predesign of 2D frames in steel, concrete or timber

1•2•Build is the ideal software to easily design beams, columns and simple 2D structures in steel, concrete of timber. Watch some videos, look at the brochures or read more about the advantages of 1•2•Build.

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  • Beams, columns and 2D frames
  • Trusses and gantries
  • Built-in cross-section library
  • Total weigth steel and painting surface
  • Resistance and stability check
  • Cross-section optimization


  • Beams, columns and 2D frames
  • Plates bearing in 1 direction
  • Rectangular or round cross-secton
  • Elastic deflection
  • Reinforcement proposal and sketch
  • Cross-section optimization


  • Continuous beams
  • Single or repeating roof truss
  • Rectangular cross-secton
  • Elastic deflection
  • Resistance and stability check
  • Cross-section optimization

Structural design analysis of simple steel, concrete & timber structures in 1, 2, 3…


Within 1•2•Build’s user-friendly environment, you simply draw a beam of frame structure on the screen. Next, the model is completed graphically and interactively with boundary conditions, permanent loads and variable loads.


1•2•Build does all the work for you and always delivers an optimal result: the beam with the smallest height, the steel profile having the lesser weight or the girder with the maximum deflection limits. That way you can design as well economical as fast.


1•2•Build is a complete solution which offers you all necessary functionality for optimal structural design, up to the creation of a concise and highly readable analysis report. On top of that, 1•2•Build presents you a reinforcement sketch and list of material quantities: total volume timber and concrete, total weight and volume of reinforcement, painting surface and weight of steel.

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Licensing and pricing


  • perpetual license
  • one-time investment
  • support (if with maintenance contact)
  • updates (if with maintenance contact)
  • price: 1050€ + 158,5€ maintenance