On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs the Travelling Ecodome was developed, the 'green' business card for the Netherlands. After premiered in Amsterdam, the Ecodome will travel the world. The Ecodome is meant as an eye-catcher on world wide expositions, as promotion of the Netherlands.

Green forms the basis of the Travelling Ecodome, having the design, but also the combination of parts as unique and extraordinary features. It allows visitors to see and experience how green is integral part of lifestyle and a healthy environment. Science has shown that green has an intrinsic value.In the pavilion this added value for society is translated into solutions and design that amaze and inspire.

The steel carcass of the imposing dome, calculated Schijf WVB with Diamonds, is formed by "leaves" covered with moss to prolong retention of rainwater capture. The special thing about this project is that it must fit into a shipping container to be transported to other events and exhibitions. The structure is composed of tubular sections for easy assembly and disassembly. The dome stands loose on the ground and is almost 11 meters high and 22 meters in diameter. Solar panels on the frame ensure a zero energy dome.

The dome is covered by canvas hanging on the inside and decorated with flower boxes on the outside.

Schijf WVB

Schijf WVB es una oficina de ingeniería holandesa, especializada en escaleras de acero y pasamanos. El trabajo está completamente en 3D. Desde diciembre de 2000, que comenzaron a utilizar primero PowerFrame y después Diamonds para calcular las escaleras más complejos.

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