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1•2•Build allows you to determine the optimal structural design for 2D frames in steel, concrete or timber.

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Price: 795 €

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Benefits 1•2•Build

Without any effort

Within 1•2•Build’s user-friendly structural engineering design environment, you simply draw a beam of frame structure on the screen.  Next, the model is completed graphically and interactively with boundary conditions, permanent loads and variable loads. 

The most economic design

1•2•Build is the perfect tool for your day-to-day design analyses and for the estimation of material quantities.  At any time, it will propose you the most optimal solution for your design projects.

1•2•Build offers structural design capabilities for different materials:

  • reinforced concrete, with immediate access to the optimal dimensions of structural elements and related reinforcement quantities.
  • steel, with automated selection of the cross-section, within the selected section class (IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, L, ...), structural steel software that best suits your design requirements in terms of strength, stability and maximum deformation.
  • timber, with automatic sizing of beams as a function of the selected timber class. Of course, stresses and deflections can be verified at any time thanks to clear color diagrams.  

A profitable investment

1•2•Build is a complete solution which offers you (for a fixed price) all necessary functionality for an optimal structural design, up to the creation of a concise and readable analysis report.

Features 1•2•Build

General features

  • graphical, interactive definition of geometry, boundary conditions and loads. Import of model geometry through DXF.
  • elastic analysis of beams, columns and 2D portal frames & trusses for a combination of concentrated and distributed loads.
  • integrated loads descent capability for automated definition of concentrated and uniformly distributed loads.
  • automatic re-analysis upon modification of model data.
  • automatic creation of analysis report.

Reinforced concrete

  • evaluation of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement requirements according to Eurocode 2 (limit state design method).
  • reporting of concrete volume and total reinforcement weight.
  • creation of reinforcement plan.
  • calculation of maximum deflection.



  • standard cross-section library, containing IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, L, T, U, W, circular and rectangular cross-sections.
  • evaluation of most optimal cross-section according to Eurocode 3 (limit state design method).
  • reporting of total weight and painting surface.
  • verification of resistance and buckling stability (according Eurocode 3) for structural members.


  • evaluation of minimum cross-section according to Eurocode 5 (limit state design method).
  • reporting of total timber volume.

Available for:


  • Windows NT / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista / 7 

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Why choose BuildSoft

  • Powerful and easy to use software.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • 25+ years of experience in structural analysis and Eurocodes.
  • Free choice between license lease, subscription or purchase.

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About BuildSoft

BuildSoft develops easy-to-use calculation software for structural analysis of steel, concrete and timber constructions according to Eurocodes and American standards.


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