Since January 2021, BuildSoft is part of the Civenso group. Civenso is a fast-growing group of leading software companies with solutions for structural analysis, precast concrete manufacturing, windows & frames manufacturing and energy modeling.

The partnership enables an acceleration in the further development of BuildSoft.

About Civenso

Civenso’s ambition is to be the best possible home for specialized building and construction software businesses globally. Today the Civenso family consists of five operating businesses with software products in structural analysis, precast concrete manufacturing, windows & frames manufacturing and energy modelling. Our businesses have a global presence with offices across Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Civenso businesses

A decentralized ownership philosophy

The decentralized operating model empowers the leaders of our businesses to make their own decisions. The aim is that almost all decisions to be taken locally with the local customers in mind. The Civenso businesses can learn a lot from each other, and we encourage cooperation, but only when it makes sense for all parties involved.

When the businesses want assistance, Civenso help them to the best of our abilities drawing on expertise within areas such as capital allocation, recruitment, incentive programs, international expansion, KPI/OKR follow-up. Civenso has an eternal perspective and will have no plan or desire to sell the businesses we partner with. Civenso enable our businesses to plan and prioritize for the long very long-term, which includes investing heavily in R&D and other expansion opportunities.


Civenso is owned by Vind (the majority owner), Vind operates with a decentralized ownership philosophy exhibiting many of the same traits as that of Civenso. Vind owns several businesses that are highly knowledge- and technology oriented in areas such as software for professionals, laboratory science and measurement technology.


About BuildSoft

Since 1989, BuildSoft develops fast user-friendly software solutions for structural analysis of reinforced concrete, steel, and timber structures. BuildSoft distinguishes itself from the broader market alternatives by offering simplicity and boosting performance through its products: Diamonds, PowerConnect, BIM Expert, ConCrete and 1•2•Build. Moreover, BuildSoft is a reseller of FEM-Design, a StruSoft advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, and timber structures. Following the Eurocodes and American standards, BuildSoft’s software is used by structural engineers, architects, contractors and building companies in over 60 countries.

Civenso, home for specialized building and construction software businesses

Civenso is committed to providing the best service and support in every local market it operates in.


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