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Structural Analysis Software

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Our programs are very intuitive and approachable. Your learning curve is short - guaranteed.


High-speed performance with minimal memory usage. Perfect for simple 2D models as well as complex 3D structures.

Great support

We offer excellent customer service, relying on many years of experience in various code standards and structural analysis.

Structural Analysis Software


Easy to use FEM software for structural analysis of steel, concrete and timber constructions. More on Diamonds ...

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Models Diamonds


Fast and intuitive steel design software for calculating different types of connections. Discover PowerConnect ...

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BIM Expert

Fluent exchanging and synchronizing BIM models between multiple software packages. Learn more about BIM Expert ...

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BIM Expert Software

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Structural Engineering Solutions


Fast and efficient strength & stability verification of steel structures with Diamonds: industrial or agriculture halls, roofs, trusses, frames, ...

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Diamonds Steel


Floor slabs, foundations, rafs, walls and 3D buildings are calculated with Diamonds: reinforcement, cracked deformation and cracked widths.

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2D or 3D wooden trusses and beam grids are not a problem for Diamonds. The calculation includes strength, stability, and creep.

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Diamonds Timber


Easy steel connection design with PowerConnect: tubular connections, moment connections, column bases and shear connections.

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Free License for Students & Teachers

We are dedicated to making structural analysis easy for everyone. If you're a student or a teacher, you get free access to our fully functional software for the entire period of your academic studies. Limitless possibilities await you!

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About BuildSoft

BuildSoft is a Belgian company, delivering advanced software for structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete, steel and timber constructions, according to Eurocodes and American standards. BuildSoft is part of the Civenso Group.

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