Software for designing continuous beams in reinforced concrete

ConCrete is the perfect software to quickly calculate continuous concrete beams. ConCrete Plus generates the reinforcement drawings. Watch some videos, look at the brochures or read more about the advantages of ConCrete.

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ConCrete modules


ConCrete designs continuous beams in reinforced concrete.

  • Continuous beams and beams in 2 phases
  • Plates bearing in one direction
  • Load on upper or lower fiber
  • Minimal and optimal dimensions
  • Cracked deflection with creep

ConCrete Plus

ConCrete Plus creates automatically the reinforcement drawings for beams calculated with ConCrete or Diamonds.

  • Automatic transfer of theoretical to practical reinforcement
  • Continuous or discontinuous reinforcement bars at supports
  • Straight or curved, continuous or discontinuous reinforcement anchors
  • Extensive annotation options for text, stirrups, longitudinal bars, ...

ConCrete List

ConCrete List generates the cutting list and summaries for beams from ConCrete Plus.

  • Individual bar data
  • Number, shape, individual dimensions, total cut length
  • Summary quantities per diameter total height and weight

Superfast concrete beam design with ConCrete


Within ConCrete’s user-friendly environment, you define model geometry, cross-sections, (elastic) supports and loads interactively. Through a few mouse clicks, you can easily change any design parameter. Instantly, all related analysis results (from internal forces up to reinforcement diagrams) will be updated automatically - maintaining full associativity between analysis data and results.


ConCrete performs organic design calculations according to Eurocode 2. ConCrete instantly provides you with deformations (considering the effects of cracking and creep), internal forces, reinforcement requirements, ... and presents all of this in clear graphs. Evaluation of minimal and optimal cross-sectional dimensions.

Reinforcement drawings and cutting lists

ConCrete Plus automatically translates the theoretical reinforcement requirements into a practical reinforcement drawings. User-definable reinforcement parameters are bar diameter, number of bars per layer, elimination priority, ...

Automated creation of cutting lists in ConCrete List from the ConCrete Plus reinforcement drawings.

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