BuildSoft - Structural analysis software


Models Diamonds

Easy to use finite element (FEM) software

  • Steel
  • Beam grids
  • Concrete
  • 2D & 3D Frames
  • Timber
  • Floors & foundations
  • Connections
  • 3D Buildings



Steel connection design software

  • Moment connections
  • Bolted connections
  • Column base connections
  • Shear connections
  • Welded connections
  • Tubular connections

BIM Expert

BIM Expert Plugins 2023

BIM software for exchanging and synchronizing BIM models

  • Link Diamonds
  • Link PowerConnect
  • Link Tekla Structures
  • Link Idea Statica
  • Link SAP2000
  • Link Autodesk Revit

ConCrete (Plus)

ConCrete Plus screenshot

Software for designing continuous beams in concrete, reinforcement drawing and cutting lists

  • Concrete
  • Cutting lists
  • Reinforcement plan
  • Beams



Software for predesign of 2D frames in steel, concrete of timber

  • Steel
  • Beams
  • Concrete
  • 2D Frames
  • Timber

Strusoft - Structural analysis software


FEM-Design helps engineers worldwide to get
full control over their structural analysis

  • CLT - Cross Laminated Timber
  • Precast Concrete
  • 3D Soil – Geotechnics
  • Parametric design
  • IFC / Revit / API
  • Masonry Design

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Why BuildSoft for Structural Engineering

BuildSoft software suite is designed to increase productivity and deliver fast and accurate structural analysis calculations. Our unique blend of powerful and easy-to-use software combined with excellent customer support and in-depth technical expertise on structural analysis and Eurocodes makes BuildSoft a top choice for structural engineers, structural engineering offices, architects, contractors, and building companies.

Excellent customer service

Easy to use software

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