Free license for students and teachers

The construction industry makes extensive use of BuildSoft software to perform structural analysis. BuildSoft makes this software free of charge for students and teachers.

You register each academical year with your correct details. You receive a login and pass word, to download the software. Your registration also counts as an educational license application.  After checking your application, you will automatically receive your license by e-mail within a few working days.

Register as studentRegister as teacher

After registration

Step 1: Log on and install

After registration, you will receive an email with login and password, so that you can download and install the software.

Step 2: Activate license

You will receive a unique code by email to activate your license.

Step 3: Get started

Start immediately with the software. You will find detailed examples and manuals in the 'Support' menu.


How can I apply for a free educational license?

Your registration with your correct details counts as an application. You do not have to take any further steps. After checking your application, you will automatically receive your license by e-mail within a few working days.

What are the conditions to receive a student or teacher license?

You are enrolled in an official university or college during the current academical year and you have an email address related to your school. If you do not have an email address related to the school, you need to send us a proof of enrollment (for example: student card or certificate of teaching duties)

For how long is the student or teacher license valid?

Students and teacher licenses are valid during the whole academic year, from September 1st of the current year until the 30th of September of the following year. Each academic year, you can apply for a new license starting with September 1st.

Which software programs can I use with the student or teacher license?

The license is valid for all our software: Diamonds (incl. PowerFrame), PowerConnect, ConCrete/ConCrete Plus and 12Build

What are the limitations of the free license?

None, there is no watermark or limit to the possibilities.

Where can I find worked examples?

In the Support - Manuals section, you will find worked examples in the parts 'Getting started with ...'.

Can BuildSoft come and give a training of the software on campus?

Yes, of course. We are happy to come and present the software. Contact us at The contents will be adjusted to the student's level of education.