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BuildSoft develops fast user-friendly software for structural analysis and BIM interoperability of concrete, steel and timber structures. The software is meant for structural engineers, architects, contractors and building companies.


Your benefits, in a nutshell

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Powerful and easy to use software.
  • 30+ years of experience in structural analysis, Eurocodes and other standards (American, Indian, ...)
  • Free choice between license lease, subscription or purchase.



Started in 1989 with the software ConCrete for continuous beams in concrete, BuildSoft has developed several time-saving programs. From the beginning, the usability was a key feature. With the increased capacities of the computers, the BuildSoft products have evolved from a 1D program to the powerful and reliable 3D finite element software Diamonds. For example, with a product like PowerConnect, for steel connection design, BuildSoft distinguishes itself from the market with both simplicity and performance and draws new customers worldwide.

VIP support

“Our unique mix of power, usability and service, appeals to the customers. We give you answers to your questions. Because we have a wide technical expertise on structural analysis and Eurocodes”, says Geert Goossens, CEO of BuildSoft.


BuildSoft continues to innovate and invest in powerful user-friendly analysis software. The BuildSoft software is being used today in over 60 countries. With the help of resellers in Southern-Europe, Scandinavia, South America, India, Middle East and China, we have over 4000 BuildSoft licenses in use.

Support for education

In order to support the education in the best possible way, BuildSoft offers its software free of charge for students and teachers. Learn more

Part of StruSoft Group

In January 2021, StruSoft, the provider of software products to the global building and construction industry has acquired 100% of our shares and become the new owner of BuildSoft. Learn more

BuildSoft, structural analysis software

BuildSoft offers you a unique blend of powerful easy-to-use products and excellent customer service. We offer our customers a truly extensive experience in structural modeling and design analysis. That is why BuildSoft products are used so often and with so much enjoyment.



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