Promotion centre for Flemish regional products in the -Groot Vleeshuis-

As a result of an architectural contest organised by the East Flanders province for the design of a temporary structure to promote Flemish regional products within the 'Groot Vleeshuis' (a historical building within the Ghent town centre), the architects Coussée & Goris designed a spacious glass volume of 50m long by 4m large. The 'rhythm' of this temperature building structure is adapted to the 'rhythm' of the historical 'Groot Vleeshuis'.

In the renovated part of the historical 'Groot Vleeshuis', the structure is supported by the vaults of the cellars in the 'Galgenhuis' (which is the part of the building where convicts where hanged in former days). While the remaining part of the building does not have any cellars below, a raft structure was used to support the glass volume, at the same time respecting the very strict archaeological constraints.

The temporary nature of the glass structure demanded for a design that could easily be dismantled. The architects therefore closely cooperated with the structural engineers to conceive an expressive building system that could simply be built up and dismantled like a LEGO system. For aesthetic reasons, all connections to the supporting structure had to be invisible to the visitors of the ‘Groot Vleeshuis’. The steel I-beams below the volume spanning the cellars minimize differential settlements, account for unavoidable level differences on the historical floor and make the volume appear as floating.


Mouton is active in designing structures and supporting structural studies, with a strong emphasis on architectural projects. The philosophy of the engineering office is that structure must be seen as a part of the architecture and – like architecture – has to be designed: there must always been searching for a functional, technical, economical and spatial solution for a specific question. Moreover, it is often the case that the structure is inseparable from the architecture and structure plays a prominent role in the perception of the design. The ambition is to develop – for every project again – a strong structural concept and – as doing so – to help shaping the design. This happens preferably in a team with the architect and other construction partners, and from an early design phase. In this way the structure is no longer the slave of architecture. The inspiring interaction between the partners is the best guarantee for optimal results.

Mouton scrl is created early 2015 from Studieburo Mouton sprl and builds on what started as the independent practice of Guy Mouton. Thanks to the continuity within the team our office can count on decades of experience in the field of architecture and stability. A huge luggage of knowledge and expertise guarantees the realization of high quality projects of various kinds.

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