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Are you a structural engineer looking for a structural analysis software to boost your productivity? With Diamonds, you will be able to deliver optimal results in the shortest time frame. Continue reading this article and discover how our signature structural software for analysis and design can help you.

We know that productivity plays a vital part in structural analysis and design. It is every structural engineer’s dream to use a powerful, flexible, and efficient software product., that produces results in the shortest possible time. Diamonds has stood the test of time and is used by more than 2000 clients worldwide due to the following reasons:


1. No nonsense model entry

When it comes to model entry, Diamonds offers you a wide range of geometry and loads options that can speed up your work, whether you are designing a simple 2D structure or a complete 3D building.

  • With Diamonds, you easily build up a model from the basic elements such as points, lines, and plates, or you use the model wizard. Thanks to the level manager combined with the translation and rotation functions, you expand your structure to a 3D frame or plate model in no time.
  • You can choose from different plate configurations: isotropic, orthotropic like pre-slabs floor, ribbed slabs, waffle slab, voided slab, or even enter your own stiffness matrix. 
  • Diamonds comes with a built-in section library, a wide range of parametric cross-sections, and a section generator for custom-built sections.
  • The options for hinges and supports are versatile: fixed, free, a spring value, nonlinear behavior such as no tension/compression, or a user-defined function.
  • You can edit multiple element properties at the same time, such as cross-section, material, supports, and hinges.
  • Diamonds has a clear and handy interface for defining loads and load groups. Load combinations Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and Serviceability Limit State (SLS) can be generated automatically.


2. Fast & accurate structural analysis software

You can achieve top performance with Diamonds for your projects due to the program’s engine that relies on PARDISO sparse solver technology. This means you will have minimum memory usage but still get peak performance for simple 2D structures and even complex 3D structural analysis models.

Not only is Diamonds fast, but it is also accurate in various calculations, such as foundations on soil, steel fire resistance analysis, or cracked deformation in time for concrete structures.

This mix of speed and accuracy is one of Diamonds’ most desired benefits by both the experienced and the occasional user. It provides a short learning curve and great computational power.


3. Easy-to-use finite element software

Since 1989, we continuously focus on creating software that is intuitive and easy to use. Diamonds is a structural finite element analysis software loved by both entry-level and experienced engineers.

Try it to see how easy it is to modify the model at any point in time, visualize, and then understand the results. We guarantee a short learning curve.


4. Analysis of concrete, steel & timber design

Diamonds’ accessibility and ease of use are only surpassed by its versatility in supporting the analysis of steel, concrete, and timber structures.

With our structural steel analysis software, you will be able to do fast and efficient strength & stability verification of steel structures: from industrial or agriculture halls to roofs, trusses, or frames.

As a concrete structures analysis software, Diamonds helps with calculating floor slabs, foundations, walls, reinforcements, cracked deformations, and cracked widths.

Wooden trusses and beam grids can all be handled with Diamonds. The calculation includes strength, stability, and creep.


5. Flexible solution packs tailored for your needs

We know that nowadays a flexible solution is essential to structural engineers. Ever-evolving project requirements can make your life hard if you are working with rigid software.

Diamonds’ design packs are structured so that they offer a wide range of options depending on what your project needs. You can customize a solution tailored to your specific needs and always return to add new modules.

Don’t let yourself be trapped by sudden changes in your structural engineering project. Use a software that saves you time and gives you peace of mind that you can finish everything within the deadline.


6. Lean project management

To boost productivity and ensure the economy of your design, Diamonds focuses on lean project management. From input to analysis to reporting, this program covers all the bases needed and helps you avoid communication delays.

As such, every member of the project team gets added value. Complex and unusual projects can be tackled comfortably with Diamonds’ lean project management.


7. Improved team agility

The Droneport in Sint-Truiden is a project engineered with the help of Diamonds by one of our clients. Besides the fact that it managed to combine imagination and the rigors of norms, Diamonds helped the builders improve the team’s agility.

Customer project Droneport in Sint-Truiden


As described by one of our customers, Diamonds’ quick calculation times and advanced structural design analysis capabilities allows engineers to boost productivity and improve agility as a team.


Did you know?

We are honored to be featured by in their recent study "80 Top Construction Startups and Companies in Belgium (2021)". This is another confirmation of our hard work to provide state-of-the-art software products for structural analysis of reinforced concrete, steel, and timber structures.

The fact that Diamonds contributed to our success is not a surprise. We have helped both companies, Universities, and students in their structural engineering endeavors. If you are a student or a teacher and need a structural analysis software that boosts your productivity, you can apply for a free license at this link.

Moreover, if you have any questions regarding our software, please see the support options here. We would be delighted to talk with you and understand your needs.

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