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Merelbeke, Belgium, April 4th 2022 – BuildSoft NV, the provider of fast and user-friendly structural engineering software, announces the releases of Diamonds 2022, PowerConnect 2022 and BIM Expert 2022. BuildSoft’s structural analysis software has been updated with new features that cater to the ever-growing needs of structural engineers.

In a fast changing and demanding business environment, the company seeks to provide its customers and fans with fresh and relevant product features that will help them in their projects. The full list of new product features can be found below.

List of new product features


• Module ‘Stainless Steel’

This new module provides all resistance and stability verification, and special deformation calculation for a flawless stainless steel design.

• Design standards

The Spanish standard CE21 and Spanish annex to Eurocode 2 & 3 (UNE EN 1992-1-1/NA:2015 & UNE EN 1993-1-1:2013/A1: 2014) have been added for steel and concrete.

• Copy and divide section cut lines

When selecting a section line and clicking the right mouse button you can now access these new functions.

• Mesh coordinates of plates in results table

The results table offers the possibility to show the coordinates of the mesh nodes in plates.

• Mean reaction over multiple support lines

On selecting multiple support lines, you can see the mean value in the Results table or via the right mouse button menu.

• Show path at file name

In menu File > project short list: If you hover the mouse over your recent projects, you can see the path to these projects.

• Short cut keys

CTRL + R to turn Ruler on or off.

• Improved bitmap export

The best way to create a suitable image for A0 print is using the Export to bitmap-function.


• Bolted pipe splice

New moment connection with bolted end plate for CHS cross-section.

BIM Expert

• Tekla Structures plugin

o Tekla Structures: version 2022

o Component 124 (CHS Splice)

• Idea Statica plugin

o Send multiple physical connections with details at once

• CSI plugin

o SAP 2000: version 24

o Etabs: version 20

• PowerConnect plugin

o Support of new connection bolted pipe CHS splice

• USBM/All plugins

o Support of new design standards

o Support of new materials: stainless steel

• Connection Assembler

o CHS Splice support

BuildSoft’s structural engineering software – a rich history of over 30 years

Established in 1989, BuildSoft NV has always been at the forefront of technology by developing structural analysis software that is fast and easy-to-use to satisfy the most challenging of projects.

With the development of 32-bit and 64-bit machines, the company has focused on new-generation software to meet an ever-growing demand in complexity whilst keeping the features that customers love: powerful, user-friendly software, providing accurate results and facilitating interoperability.

Diamonds is the company’s main structural analysis software. It is used by over 2,000 customers worldwide due to the same reasons that people chose Powerframe, its predecessor: it is fast & easy-to-use for both beginners and experienced users. On top of that, BuildSoft’s Diamonds solution has proven useful in creative and complex projects that require structural engineers to think out of the box.

PowerConnect is the company’s go-to steel connection design software. Structural engineers can use it to design quickly and efficiently a variety of connections.

Concerning BIM software, the company has BIM Expert for fluent model exchanges. The software ensures interoperability with Diamonds, PowerConnect, Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer, IDEA StatiCa, SAP2000, and ETABS.

Learn more about BuildSoft’s structural analysis software

Did you know that BuildSoft’s Diamonds solution was used for the reconstruction of a 330 kV overhead line in Lithuania and that the project won Tekla’s BIM awards in 2019? Moreover, the company was featured in the ranking "80 Top Construction Companies in Belgium (2021)".

If you are eager to learn more, you can choose the free trial option and start your journey with BuildSoft’s structural engineering software. Another option would be to attend the upcoming BuildSoft training sessions to learn how the software can increase your productivity and enjoy your work more.

The company also encourages students to take control of their projects by using the educational license option and have a successful University year.

About BuildSoft

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in structural analysis software, BuildSoft focuses on easy-to-use, accessible, high-quality software combined with excellent customer support service. Building on these solid fundamentals, BuildSoft not only became the market leader for structural analysis and design software in Belgium, but its solutions have also become very well perceived by resellers and customers in more than 60 countries.

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