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In 2021, we have hosted 27 structural engineering webinars and an extra one in collaboration with The Institution of Structural Engineers UK. We had a great time preparing and delivering them to our both our customers and followers. In this article, we have made a short retrospective of the webinar topics we went for. Moreover, you can find links to some of our webinars that are accessible on-demand. Access them to find out how to get the most of our structural analysis software.


1. We catered to the learning needs of our customers and followers

We have identified in-depth learning needs for our customers and followers and catered to them by doing live webinars, events, and so on. Regarding webinars, our focus has always been to find cool, interactive ways to present what our software can do for them. As such, our webinars include working hands-on with the software, practical examples, workflows for solving common challenges, highlight of the modules, and relevant solutions for the viewer’s needs.

What we have found out is that the ever-growing demand and complexity in civil engineering has increased the need for in-depth learning. We will continue to address the learning needs of our customers and followers by releasing new webinars in 2022. Until then, check the list below with a selection of our on-demand webinars that we recommend regardless of if you are a veteran or a beginner in structural engineering.


2. On-demand webinars about Diamonds

Diamonds is our core structural analysis software for steel, concrete, and timber structures. We have hosted 19 webinars about Diamonds and how it can help structural engineers become more successful in their projects. Our top picks for you include:

"Fire resistance analysis with Diamonds".

"Reporting with Diamonds".

"Analysis of steel structures with Diamonds".

"Settlement calculation with Diamonds".

"Concrete cracking with Diamonds".

Find more about Diamonds.

3. Webinar about BIM Expert

In July 2021, we hosted a live webinar about BIM Expert. This is our BIM software for endless and seamless exchange possibilities between various software packages that structural engineers love and use every day. As such, it ensures great interoperability with Tekla Structures, Idea StatiCa (Connection & others), SAP2000 and Etabs, CXL format, and our Diamonds and PowerConnect products.

The webinar “Smart BIM workflows when calculating steel connections” is not readily available, so we recommend you watch a short video on how BIM Expert works and saves you time.

Discover more about BIM Expert.

4. On-demand webinar about PowerConnect

In March 2021, we hosted a webinar dedicated to PowerConnect. This is our fast and easy-to-use steel connection design software that meets your ever-growing design analysis requirements. It can give you optimal steel connection solutions in a short time frame to make your life easier as a structural engineer.

Check our webinar recommendation:

"1-2-3 Connection design with PowerConnect - faster, better and easier!".

Find more information about PowerConnect.


5. On-demand webinar about FEM-Design

FEM-Design is the latest addition to our product portfolio. We are now part of the StruSoft group, and we have become resellers for FEM-Design. It is an advanced and versatile finite element analysis software, with many useful features for all types of construction tasks.

In 2021, we have hosted two live webinars dedicated to FEM-Design. Both are available on-demand:

"3D Soil, foundations and piles with FEM-Design".

"Model and design CLT with FEM Design".

If you love working with our structural analysis software, then we are confident you will also love working with FEM-Design. Check more details at this link.

How to start your journey with us

Whether you are versed in working with our software or a beginner, the first step could be to choose our free trial option. With a user account, you will have a 30-day fully functional version of Diamonds, BIM Expert, PowerConnect, or ConCrete, and 7-day access for 1•2•Build. Regarding FEM-Design, you can follow the instructions on the StruSoft website to request a free trial.

If you are a student or teacher in search of a new & better structural analysis software, then you have come to the right place. PTry our software by applying for a free student or teacher license at this link.

To complement your learning needs, you can always check our YouTube channel. We have many helpful videos to get you started the right way.


Upcoming structural engineering webinars

Sign up for our next webinar, which will take place on February 22, 2022 via Livestorm. We are looking forward to meeting you online at this webinar.

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• Register for the English version "1-2-3 Column Base and Tubular Connection design with PowerConnect - faster, better and easier!".

• Register for the Dutch version "In 1-2-3 kolomvoeten en buisverbindingen berekenen met PowerConnect".

• Register for the French version "1-2-3 Calcul d'un pied de poteau et d'un assemblage tubulaire avec PowerConnect".

Thank you for all your support in 2021! We will continue to deliver great value with our structural engineering webinars. Check our events calendar to stay tuned for the next ones.