has been actively engaged in the construction sector since 1960. Its impressive portfolio includes more than 10.000 references related to very diverse projects, including the structural engineering of both newly constructed and renovated buildings, the design and engineering of petrol service stations, architectural assignments, infrastructure studies, project management and safety coordination.

"Our organizational structure is built entirely around the design teams that we assign to each project,” explains M.Sc.Eng. Alexander Willems. Together with M.Sc.Eng. Leen Van Huffel, he manages operations and its more than 20 permanent employees. “Each team is responsible for following up projects from A to Z. Our customers therefore have the certainty that they can always turn to someone who masters the complete project, from the initial design analyses up to the latest engineering decisions.

Within we have been using the BuildSoft structural analysis software for almost 25 years to perform a wide range of analyses. The strength of that software is its exceptional user-friendliness. That makes it very well suited to quickly and accurately complete any type of structural design analysis, whether it relates to a load-bearing structure in steel, concrete or wood. Since we have such a broad project portfolio, the Diamonds software from BuildSoft gives us the flexibility that we need to work efficiently on very diverse structural engineering projects."

BuildSoft customer since 1995
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