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Send one or more nodes at the same time from the global Diamonds calculation model via BIM Expert to Idea StatiCa Connection for the detailing of complex connections.


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Sending complex connections
from Diamonds to Idea StatiCa Connection
has never been easier

thanks to BIM Expert


Step 1

Transfer model

You send the complete 3D Diamonds calculation model with results to BIM Expert and you choose the IDEA StatiCa export plugin.


IDEA STATICA is a registered trademark of IDEA RS s.r.o.

Step 2

Select 1 or more nodes

In BIM Expert, you choose as many nodes as you like, from the 3D Diamonds model, to send to Idea StatiCa Connection.

Step 3

Design connections

Idea StatiCa Connection opens automatically and you are ready to start detailling the nodes of your choice.


Send connections from Diamonds to Idea StatiCa Connection

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