BIM Expert = Expert BIM Exhange Software

BIM Expert serves as the bridge between various BIM modelling and structural software packages, forging deep, intelligent links and seamless workflows. It connects Tekla, Revit, Diamonds, SAP 2000, Etabs, PowerConnect, Idea Statica Connection ...

With BIM Expert, embrace a new era of BIM integration that transcends boundaries and limitations. Streamline your workflows, enhance collaboration, and elevate the quality of your projects—all within one BIM environment. Empower your BIM journey with BIM Expert and discover the unparalleled potential of seamless interoperability today.

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Popular BIM workflows


  • From Revit to Tekla
  • From Revit to  Idea StatiCa Connection
  • From Revit to Diamonds
  • From Revit to SAP2000
  • From Revit to PowerConnect

All Revit links

Tekla Structures / Designer

  • From Tekla to Revit
  • From Tekla to Idea StatiCa Connection
  • From Tekla to  SAP2000
  • From Tekla to PowerConnect
  • From Tekla to Diamonds

All Tekla links


  • From Diamonds to Revit
  • From Diamonds to Idea StatiCa Connection
  • From Diamonds to Tekla
  • From Diamonds to SAP2000
  • From Diamonds to JSON

All Diamonds links


  • From ETABS to Diamonds
  • From ETABS to Idea StatiCa Connection
  • From SAP2000 to Diamonds
  • From SAP2000 to PowerConnect
  • From SAP2000 to Revit

All SAP2000/ETABS links

Over 50 possible workflows with BIM Expert


View, synchronize and share model data between BIM tools and analysis software such as Revit, Tekla, Diamonds, ETABS, SAP2000, PowerConnect, Idea StatiCa Connection.

Smooth Material and Section Conversions

Seamlessly translate materials and cross-sections between different BIM applications without compromising quality. BIM Expert ensures that material and cross-section definitions remain consistent, preserving the integrity of your designs and preventing data loss during transitions.

Connection Ready

BIM Expert goes beyond basic file exchanges. Existing connections are recognized and converted when possible.  Add new connections to the global BIM model and design them with PowerConnect or Idea StatiCa.

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