Steel construction for 460 m² photovoltaïc cells.

As a showcase for the manufacturer of photovoltaic cells, a structure was designed on which 280 solar panels could be installed. The curved structure gives it a light and playful character.

The arches have a length of 20.38m and the whole is 21m wide. The construction was founded on a plate with tensile and compressive piles. The wind load on the 5 curved main beams is derived via a truss structure to the two only available supports in the rear building. By means of a dynamic analysis the system's natural frequencies were determined and compared with the frequencies of the dynamic wind loads in order to prevent resonance phenomena.


LISST is a consulting engineering office specialized in structural analysis and design, energy audits, EPB reporting and the preparation of energy performance certificates.

As from during the draft, together with the architects is looked for the most economical structure with minimal impact on architectural appearance. In function of the requirements of the client, the ideal mix is pursued between durability, flexibility, costs and period of completion and methods.

The projects are followed from preliminary design to inspection at the building site.

Within the office there is a solid knowledge of architectural details, possible aesthetic and technical problems in the design and implementation and the work flow in the architectural process.

Experience is situated in the area of renovations and new construction of houses, apartments, shops and offices, redevelopment of old buildings to a new destination and interventions as an expert in damage.

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