NIJL Aircraft Docking has completed the installation for the MD-11. Begin able to work both fast and safe are are the main requirements in the design of the tail dock. This highly innovative tail dock makes that docking, inspection and maintenance of the aircraft can be done quickly and safely.

The cantilever is 18m, while the space above the body of the aircraft but is approximately 20cm. The deflection is therefore of great importance. The free passage under the mobile dock also has much influence on the deflection. It is also possible to quickly and safely replace the engine in the tail of the aircraft to the built-in elevator. The total weight of the dock is about 110 tons.


With 50 years of experience, NIJL has become a world leader in designing, manufacturing and turn-key delivery of lifting and transportation gear, steel and aluminum docking systems, stairs, stands, and working platforms.

NIJL equipment allow safe access to aircrafts enabling our customers to conduct miscellaneous activities on their fleet such as, but not limited to, aircraft maintenance, painting, assembly, repair etc. NIJL supplies both standard products for the most common access points on the aircraft and tailor-made stands as well as docking systems for specific customer requirements.

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