Diamonds license details

Maximum number of elements


Suited for

  • 2D Frame and Plate structures
  • 3D Frame structures
  • 3D Industrial hall with integrated connection design
  • 3D Buildings

Modules included

  • Model
    • Work Space
    • 2D Bars
    • 3D Bars
    • 2D Slabs
    • 2D Plates
    • 3D Plates
    • Diamonds BIM Expert plugin
  • Analysis
    • 1st order Linear Statics
    • 2nd order Linear Statics
    • Moving Loads
    • Linear Dynamics
    • Seismics
    • Fire Safety
  • Design
    • Concrete Design
    • Practical Reinforcement
    • Steel Design
    • Stainless Steel Design
    • Steel Connection Design
    • Timber Design
  • Report
    • Smart Reporter

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Subscription details

Subscription period

1 month or 1 year


  • Monthly billing: 420€ per month
  • Annual billing: 3156€ per year (only 263€ per month) - Best deal! Save 37,5%!


Automatic. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

A subscription includes

  • The use of the software
  • Support service
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Access to manuals

How can I order?

  1. You can order this software with the help of our contract partner MyCommerce/Digital River. You can pay by credit card or wire transfer.
  2. Once Digital River has received your payment, a valid license code is sent to you by mail. If you pay by credit card, you receive this license file within minutes.
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