Interview with Geert Goossens, CEO of BuildSoft

In this article, we will take a journey into BuildSoft’s past and future. Structural analysis has been through many changes over the years, mainly due to technological advancements. But the human resource, the structural engineers, are the nucleus of this field.

We interviewed Geert Goossens, BuildSoft’s CEO, to tell us how he sees the company’s journey and what the future entails for structural analysis software and the construction industry.  

BuildSoft has over 30 years of experience in structural engineering. How was the journey?  

Our journey has been interesting and challenging at the same time. In the beginning, it was very hard, but also very satisfying to see happy & enthusiastic clients. I remember a new client having installed our ConCrete - ConCrete Plus solution. This client was so delighted to have found our software that he invited me to a nice dinner in an excellent restaurant. Our client’s appreciation is bringing us so much energy. After all, client satisfaction is the final goal of our whole business. It’s amazing to see how the world, particularly the engineering world, has changed completely, driven by technical (r)evolution.

You have become the market leader in Belgium. What are your plans for 2023?

Maintaining our excellent position in our home market is certainly one of our main objectives for next year. 2023 will be also an important year for our BIM Expert software. Thanks to BIM Expert people could already make exciting BIM-links between different structural softwares (Diamonds, PowerConnect, Tekla Structures, SAP2000, Etabs, Idea Statica,..). At the beginning of 2023 Revit will be added to that list. The wonderful thing about BIM Expert is that each time a new program is added, this program has automatically BIM-links to all the other programs on the list. And, of course, we will also work to increase our market share in other markets through different paths. Being part of the Civenso group brings us new challenges and opportunities.

How do you see the future of structural analysis software?

If I look back on when we started BuildSoft, the software tools at that time were limited to beams and frames. Engineers spent much more time thinking about the structure and simplifying it and dividing it into parts that they were able to handle by software (rather simple tools) or by hand. Nowadays, engineers have much more advanced software tools (like Diamonds). I think that sometimes they rely too much on the software and think too little about the structure themselves. The future looks even more sophisticated when BIM is inevitable. And that’s really a challenge: between all automated links and models, the engineer still needs to be in control.  On one hand, the time spent to build the model will be reduced significantly, but on the other hand, verifying the generated model will take longer.

What are the benefits of using Diamonds in structural engineering projects?

Diamonds is very easy to use. And now, I’m talking not only about how easy you can build the model but also how easy it is to look at the different results, which helps a lot in understanding the structure and taking the right decisions that will make a smooth building process later.

How can the structural engineer evolve in his role to stay up to date with ever-growing customer needs?

Continuous learning will be critical. Technology is growing faster and faster. It will be a challenge to apply the modern technologies in a way to have complete control of the structural model. In this regard, you can check our guest article on The Institution of Structural Engineers UK’s blog

BIM software have become a must-have nowadays. How can BIM Expert satisfy customer needs for interoperability and profitability?

We strongly believe in the principle of working apart but together: each discipline interacts with other disciplines but is done by a dedicated expert through a dedicated software. The philosophy of BIM Expert follows the same principle: we do not force people to all use the same program for different tasks; everybody can execute his task with his preferred software, but through BIM Expert, these programs can be connected to work on the same model, each at his own pace with his own software tool. That is the unique added value of BIM Expert.

Why are BuildSoft’s products loved and recommended by engineers and construction companies? 

Because they are so accessible and understandable. Our slogan ‘Structurally loved by engineers’ is as true as steel. Or should we say as true as steel, concrete, and timber?

How do you see the future of the construction industry in general?

The carbon footprint will be a major factor in the construction industry's evolution. That will surely lead to new materials, construction methods and even innovative design methods. The construction industry will be extremely challenged in the following decades.

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