Designing a transparent structure to power high-quality architectural concepts, that is what UTIL is all about. The UTIL engineering office was founded in 2007 and is managed by MScs in Engineering and Architecture Frans Leenaerts, Pieter Ochelen, Filip Van de Voorde, and Rolf Vansteenwegen.

From the heart of Brussels, more than 20 UTIL employees work on various projects throughout Belgium and Europe. As strong interaction with the architectural design team typifies UTIL's approach. The UTIL engineering team has been using the BuildSoft structural analysis software for more than 10 years. Thanks to its exceptional user-friendliness, this software is particularly suitable for developing comprehensible and practically usable analysis models that describe the very essence of structural design. Especially as projects and structures are becoming increasingly complex, UTIL engineers consider it crucial to focus on simple and solid concepts and stay in control throughout the entire structural design analysis process.

BuildSoft customer since 2002
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