Cobe Casino Middelkerke

The project houses a restaurant with terrace, event hall, casino, foyer, underground parking and a 60-room hotel. The new event hall, restaurant and casino are located under the elevated dune landscape.

A lot of natural light was provided in the building itself, and there is a remarkable view of the sea or landscape from most rooms. In addition to the gaming hall, there will be a striking 1,500-square-metre event hall over two floors. The hall will be able to be used in a multi functionally way thanks to the connection to the restaurant.

The hotel, six storeys high, has the shape of a bollard or mooring pole and refers to shapes and colours from nature or the fishing port. The hardwood voile surrounding the hotel, like wooden quays, will colour along with the natural elements.

The underground car park, which aims to make the seawall car-free as much as possible, offers 200 parking spaces.

Diamonds was used to calculate the hotel tower and the substructure, including foundations.

Structure - specific features

The project consists of five major building parts:

1. The hotel as the central and tallest building component. The structure consists of a central concrete core, façade columns and flat floor slabs in post-tensioned concrete. This open structure maximizes the design possibilities.

2. The elevated landscape forms the roof of all ground-level building parts such as the restaurant, the event hall, the foyer and the casino. This sloping surface, laid in paving and dune landscape, is largely supported by a post-tensioned floor slab on concrete columns. Above the event hall, the large spans are realised by steel trusses supporting floor elements in pre-tensioned concrete.

3. The plinth as basement under the hotel, event space and casino. The standing structures of the superstructure (columns and walls) are continued in the basement. The slab types used above the basement (in-situ poured slabs, predals or prestressed concrete vaults) are matched to the shape, span and overlaps.

4. The parking basement, two storeys deep under the seawall, will be provided as a single column-free tube. After construction, the roof slab will be loaded with traffic that usually occurs at embankment level but also for passage of occasional heavy traffic, such as fire brigades, moving vans, construction firms and was provided for. In order to reduce the thickness of the roof slab and enable rapid de-suspension, a post-tensioned concrete slab will be used, leaning on the side walls of the parking basement.

5. The pile foundations and shoring of the construction pit under the basement and car park have sufficient load-bearing capacity to support the superstructure, and enable the excavation of the construction pit.


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